A global perspective on bike-sharing networks and urban commuting patterns worldwide.

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Focus Networks

We have selected various bike sharing networks that share their data and contribute to open data initiatives around the globe. Compared to all other networks these cities provide detailed trip information that allows us in-depth analysis of the network activity. The focus networks are marked with a compass symbol.

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What can you find on this website?

Live data

This website provides real-time data of available bikes and docks in more than 300 networks worldwide. Additional predictions make it easy to check if you can pick up and drop off a bike at the desired stations.

» Get the current state of the bike sharing system in Vienna, Austria

Route planner

Give us the endpoints of your trip and our algorithm will find the nearest bikeshare locations and fastest route.

» Compute an example route

Analyze usage patterns

Historical data about the utilization of bike sharing stations gives us valuable insights of urban commuting patterns and behavioral changes.

» Explore interesting patterns in Milan, Italy

Compare network characteristics

On this platform you can explore more than 300 cities with bike sharing networks. And all of them share one goal - provide a healthier and more enviroment-friendly transportation option.